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To become a member of the Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants of Calgary, you must be a Chartered Professional Accountant (or one of the legacy designations of Certified General Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Chartered Accountant) in good standing with CPA Alberta. This is from our bylaws:

Any person being a designated member in good standing of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta or other legacy organizations recognized under Regulated Accounting Professions Act or successor legislations, may become a member upon payment of the fee.

Payment in full is required upon making your membership application. We verify applicant standing with CPA Alberta before membership is approved. We will refund your payment is your membership is not approved.


Membership is based on a calendar year and renews annually on January 1st. 

  • Individual Annual Membership:
    • $150.00 per year plus GST (one CPA, non-transferable)
  • Multi-CPA Firm Annual Membership:
    • $250.00 (up to 2 members) per year plus GST (2 CPAs working in the same firm, non transferable)
    • $350.00 (up to 3 members) per year plus GST (3 CPAs working in the same firm, non transferable)
    • $450.00 (up to 4 members) per year plus GST (4 CPAs working in the same firm, non transferable)
    • $550.00 (up to 5 members) per year plus GST (5 CPAs working in the same firm, non transferable)
    • If your firm has more than 5 people who wish to join the ECPAC, please contact the ECPAC Administrator, Richard, at  587-351-1745. We can make this happen!

Prorated membership is available, based on the month you join. If you join in the month of December your membership includes the following calendar year, except if you take advantage of our 2021 year-end promotional offer of a free membership. 

 Membership Level

 If you join during
Jan. to Apr.

 If you join during
May to Aug.
 If you join during
Sep. 2021
 If you join during
Oct. to Dec. 2021
 Individual $150.00 $100.00 $50.00 FREE!
 Corporate (2 members) $250.00 $166.67 $83.33 FREE!
 Corporate (3 members) $350.00 $233.33 $116.67 FREE!
 Corporate (4 members) $450.00 $300.00 $150.00 FREE!
 Corporate (5 members) $550.00 $366.67 $183.33 FREE!


We welcome non-members to participate in our luncheons as guests (limited to 2 sessions). Only members can register for luncheon sessions. And they should register their guest(s) as they register themselves. 

To register as a guest please contact any of our members to add you as a guest when registering.  Alternatively please contact a member of the executive team who will happily organize your attendance as a guest.      


Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we now offer sessions online via Zoom.  Guests are permitted to attend online sessions, and may register themselves (unlike the in-person sessions). Please note the different guest pricing level when selecting Registration Type.


All membership applications must be completed online using the form below.  

We encourage all registrations to be paid using the online process because this requires far less administration time than processing cheques. Also, online payments are clearly linked to your registration so there will be no lost payment information.  Paypal administers the on-line payment system, so the ECPAC does not retain any credit card information at all.  We no longer accept any other forms of payment for sessions.

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